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Round Sling Sleeve

round sling sleeve

Lashing webbing material is made from high tenacity 100% polyester yarns,width will be available from 25mm width to 100mm width,capacity from 800kg to 15Ton.Our polyester yarns are made by the largest manufacturer of such products in China,and its M.B.S of single yarn can reach 21kg.All of our webbings are specially coated,which make the webbing tighter,more durable,more smooth and better looking.All the webbings are strictly made to requested standard,like EN,US standard,you will never get down from the quality.

Specification for Round sling sleevE

Technical table:

Model Color WLL Width(mm) Black strips MOQ(m)
RSC01 Purple 1T 45 1 2000
RSC02 Green 2T 55 2 2000
RSC03 Yellow 3T 65 3 2000
RSC04 Grey 4T 75 4 2000
RSC05 Red 5T 80 5 2000
RSC06 Brown 6T 85 6 2000
RSC08 Blue 8T 95 8 2000
RSC10 Orange 10T 115 10 2000
RSC12 Orange 12T 120 12 2000
RSC15 Orange 15T 140 N/A 2000
RSC20 Orange 20T 160 N/A 2000
RSC25 Orange 25T 180 N/A 2000
RSC30 Orange 30T 200 N/A 2000
RSC40 Orange 40T 230 N/A 2000
RSC50 Orange 50T 250 N/A 2000
RSC80 Orange 80T 280 N/A 2000

Application of Roundsling Sleeves:

Polyester roundsling sleeves are used to make roundslings,which is used as a cover for the polyester corn yarns to protect it from being damaging by the sharp items.

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Poyester Yarns

Polyester yarns of 66600dtex & 132200dtex for making roundslings are available.

Sewing Thread

Polyester sewing/stiching thread of 1500D x 3ply is available,also 800D too.

Ready made Roundsling

Except roundsling sleeves & polyeter yarns,we also supply ready made roundslings.

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