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Lashing webbing

Polyester lashing webbing

Lashing webbing material is made from high tenacity 100% polyester yarns,width will be available from 25mm width to 100mm width,capacity from 800kg to 15Ton.Our polyester yarns are made by the largest manufacturer of such products in China,and its M.B.S of single yarn can reach 21kg.All of our webbings are specially coated,which make the webbing tighter,more durable,more smooth and better looking.All the webbings are strictly made to requested standard,like EN,US standard,you will never get down from the quality.

High tenacity Lashing webbing

Technical specifications:


Model of strap Width Breaking strength(Befor sewing)kg Breaking strength(After sewing)Kg Popular color Picture
LW25-040 25mm 1000 800 Orange/Blue 25mm lashing tape
LW25-075 25mm 1875 1500 Orange/Yellow Lashing webbing 25mmx1500kg
LW35-100 35mm 2500 2000 Orange/Yellow Lashing webbing 25mmx2T
LW35-150 35mm 3750 3000 Orange/Yellow 2Tx35mm
LW50-200 50mm 5000 4000 Orange/Yellow Lashing webbing 4Tx50mm
LW50-250 50mm 6250 5000 Orange/Yellow Lashing-webbing-5Tx50mm
LW75-500 75mm 12500 10000 Orange/Yellow Lashing webbing 75mmx10T
LW100-500 100mm 12500 10000 Orange/Yellow Lashing webbing 100mmx10T


Model of strap Width Breaking strength(lbs) Color MOQ Picture
TDW25-5000 1''(25mm) 5000 Yellow 5000m 1'' tie down webbing
TDW50-6000 2''(50mm) 6000 Yellow 5000m tie down webbing 2''
TDW50-10000 2''(50mm) 10000 Yellow 5000m
TDW50-12000 2''(50mm) 12000 Yellow 5000m
TDW75-15000 3''(75mm) 15000 Yellow 5000m 3'' tie down webbing
TDW75-18000 3''(75mm) 18000 Yellow 5000m
TDW100-20000 4''(100mm) 20000 Yellow 5000m 4''cinta
TDW100-24000 4''(100mm) 24000 Yellow 5000m

Application of lashing straps:

Lashing webbings are used for car luggage rack cargo lacing, kayak canoe SUP surfboard lacing, boat trailer traction belt, luggage belt, connecting bed, etc,and suitable for all light and heavy packaging, securing large items and awkward loads in various situactions, these straps  are perfect alternative to steel strapping and part of chain.Such lashing staps are ideal to pack Steel Tube,Aluminum Ingot, Motor,Wood,Pallet,Cartons, Mining and Resources,Oil and Gas, Offshore and Marine, Freight Forwarding, Logistics Packing and other packing.And do not hurt the surface of the cargos.

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