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Webbing material a are made of 100% high tenacity polyester,and can be used for lifting sling,lashing systems and round slings

Sling webbing

Sling webbing materials is made of 100% A-A grade polyester yarns,and can be made from 25mm width to 300mm width. 

Lashing webbing

Lashing webbing material is used for Ratchet buckles from 25mm width to 100mm width,from 0.8T to 10T Breaking strength


Roundsling sleeves are made of 100% A-A grade polyester,and are used to protect the core yarn from being damaging.


Roundsling sleeves are made of 100% A-A grade polyester,and are used to protect the core yarn from being damaging.

Extremely strong polyester webbing straps with excellent resistance to sunlight and abrasion. Heavy duty webbing straps are suitable for a variety of applications such as securing straps, backpacks, bags, harnesses and heavy duty covers.
  • High strength tenacity
  • Excellent resistance to abrasion
  • Very good performance in low & high temperatures
  • Excellent resistance to sunlight
  • Can be used with 25mm Cam Buckles to make straps
  • Tensile strength g/den 8,2
  • Melting point oC 255-260
  • Acid resistance 1-3 2
  • Alkali resistance 1-3 2
  • UV-resistance 1-3 2
  • Density g/cm3 1,38
  • Elongation at break % 8-12

polyester webbing belt

Polyester webbing belts are made from high-tensile polyester webbing and are colour-coded to make lifting easier. Depending on the application, they can be classified as Simplex, Duplex, Triplex, or Endless.

The polyester webbing belt is very strong and has a minimal amount of stretch. We offer this webbing as the strongest. Polyester belts are used as cargo straps in the transportation industry. Seatbelt webbing is made from polyester webbing belts in the aftermarket auto industry. Polyester belts are used in fall restraints in the safety industry.

Eastlink provides high-quality polyester webbing belts made from 100% polyester yarn. The manufacturing standards ensure the fine quality of the product so that it can be used for a variety of lifting applications. We maintain high quality control standards to ensure that our products are devoid of any complications during their application, as a company dedicated to providing only customer-friendly products. In many industries, polyester slings are already found to have a highly versatile application and its versatility has already been acknowledged. Due to their wide surface area, slings are advantageous in lifting procedures since they require a minimum amount of pressure. These slings are lightweight, making them easier to handle than other metal slings.

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