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Sling Webbing

Sling webbing material 1t TO 10T


Sling webbing material from Eastlink  is made from A-A grade high tenacity 100% polyester yarns,whose M.B.S of single yarns can reach 21kg,which  enable the final webbing to be of extremly high strength.

Meanwhile,all of our webbing materials are specially coated,which make the webbing tighter,more durable,more smooth and better looking.

Extremely strong polyester webbing straps with excellent resistance to sunlight and abrasion. Heavy duty webbing straps are suitable for a variety of applications such as securing straps, backpacks, bags, harnesses and heavy duty covers.


Model Color WLL Width(mm) Thickness M.B.S(kg)
SW601 Purple 1T 25 2.8 3750
SW701 Purple 1T 30 3.1 4500
SW602 Green 2T 50 2.9 7500
SW702 Green 2T 60 3.2 9000
SW603 Yellow 3T 75 2.9 11250
SW703 Yellow 3T 90 3.1 13500
SW604 Grey 4T 100 3.0 15000
SW704 Grey 4T 120 3.2 18000
SW605 Red 5T 125 2.8 18750
SW705 Red 5T 150 3.1 22500
SW606 Brown 6T 150 2.8 22500
SW706 Brown 6T 180 3 27000
SW608 Blue 8T 200 3.0 30000
SW708 Blue 8T 240 3.2 36000
SW610 Orange 10T 250 2.9 3750
SW710 Orange 10T 300 3.2 45000
SW612 Orange 12T 300 2.9 45000
SW712 Orange 12T 300 3.1 54000


100% A-A grade high tenacity polyester,single yarn’s breaking strength can reach 8CN/dtex,about 7 times more than PP,and thus the straps will be of much higher tenacity & more durable. Besides,polyester has very excellent resistance to UV and abrasion.           

Too much  joints or snaggs will make you wast lots of webbings..Most of our weaving machines are imported from Muller germany,which enable the webbings to be smooth and contious with seldom joint and snags.For 100m/roll,usually,there will be no snags of our webbing.And for continous webbing without cut in a pallet,usually around 850kg,there will be at most 3 joints.

As long as the raw materials are A-A grade high tenacity polyester,the webbing’s  breaking strength are decided by its weight per meter.But in order to reach the certain weight,some suppliers add lots of PU adhesive during the dyeing process,thus the webbing touches very hard.But we never do this way,you will find our webbings are very soft.

The color fastness test standard GB/T251-199 request the webbing’s color fastness is not lower than its 3rd leve,but ours are higher than it.After long time practice,the best way to test it is to use ordinarywhite paper to rub back and forth on the dyed webbing. If it’s  still white, then the dyeing technology is qualified.


Our material will be packed by big carton fist,and then wrapped  by clear film,besides,we will add a wood bord on top of the carton to protect it from being collasped due to heavy weight upside,which will enable the packages to be well unti the warehouse of the customers,and can be transported by several other times.

Usually,for 1T to 4T webbings,we pack them by 100m/roll or continous without cut.

For 5T to 12T,it is wasted to pack them by rolls,so usually continous without cut.

We always choose 3 layers high quality cartons to secure long time transportation

Usually,the pallet’s size are 1.1*1.1m,and its materials are exported type plywood one or fumigated one



  1. You send us an inquiry with the details of your requested items,like models,quantity,etc
  2. We will quote you price and send you samples to check
  3. If you are satisfied with the price and samples,we will send you a proforma  for you to make the payment,on which will show our bank information,the items and its quantity,the delivery time,payment terms etc
  4. You pay the depoist after gettting our proforma,and then we will start the production
  5. During the production process,we will keep you informed for the on going details.
  6. Before delivery,we will send you pictures of the products and packing details,and it will be delivered upon receiving your confirmation.
  7. You pay the balance after we send you the copy of B/L.
  8. You send us feedback after receiving the goods.

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Yes,we can,but that will be additionally charged,and the cost will depend on how many colors  you want us to print,and what is the distance between each company name/logo.

Usually,our payment terms are 30%T/T in advance,balance to be made against copy of B/L.But if your order is very large,we can discuss the other payment terms.

If you don't need us to make the webbings to your given weight,then if you are in a hurry,we can deliver a container of webbings in 15 days,and a 40ft container in 20 days.

Usually,we only make webbings by 100% A-A grade high tenacity polyester,and don't make it by other materials,but if your order is big enough,we can discuss

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