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Polyester web sling are made of 100% high tenacity polyester,and can be made into different layers,and different shapes.

Eye -EYE web sling

Eye -eye web sling has loops on both ends,and can be made from 1ply to 4 ply.,SF 5:1 to SF7:1.Read more

One way sling

One way sling is also called as endless sling or disposable sling.Mostly,it is used to lift steel pipes or steel tubes . 

cloverleaf sling

Such cloverleaf is also called as marine sling,or sling mariner .It is used to load or unload sacks.  Read more

webbing sling

Material Advantages of Web Slings

Polyester, the material that is used to produce our flat web slings, is surprisingly strong. A variety of load capacities can be accommodated by its fibres, and they also resist fatigue and remain effective for a longer period of time.

Using this material in place of a natural fibre would also cause problems in environments that may cause problems for a natural fibre. Whether inside or outside, the sling will not accumulate mold or mildew quickly, and you can lift with complete confidence, time and time again.

Polyester’s durability goes hand in hand with its versatility when exposed to sunlight regularly. The flat webbing slings will not degrade when exposed to UV rays, as some materials will.

flat webbing sling

What are flat webbing slings used for?

flat webbing slings are the most versatile and widely-used multi-purpose sling. They’re strong, easy to rig, and inexpensive. Compared to chain, they’re more flexible and lighter and can be used to help reduce scratching and denting to loads.

How strong is flat webbing?

The CMC 1” Flat Webbing is a strong yet malleable form of webbing. The one-inch webbing is constructed to be flexible enough to set strong knots securely while having a MBS of 6,000 LBF or 26.6 KN.

What is the standard for webbing slings?

Webbing slings are available from 25mm to 300mm width & 500kg to 24,000kg capacity, although higher capacity slings can be made as per requirement. Additional to becket eyes (soft), reverse, flat & leather protected eyes are available.

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