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Polyester round sling including endless round sling or or eye and eye round sling. There is a unique advantage endless  round sling have over eye and eye round slings. The endlessround sling is more versatile because the connection and load contact points can be rotated, enhancing sling service life. Another key advantage for polyester round sling is that many slings can be made simultaneously.Because the body of  round slings is comprised of multiple windings of polyester yarn, then the sling body is soft and supple. The supple body prevents the round sling from locking to the load or binding at the point of choke when  round slings are used in a choker hitch.

Endless Round Sling

Endless round sling are made of load-bearing core and protective jacket,which provides a layer of protection over the core   Read more

Eye-Eye Round sling

Eye & eye round sling has loops or eye on both end,and it will be perfect when there is a problem of abrasion to the sling body. Read more

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