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Eye-Eye Webbing Sling

Eye-Eye webbing sling is made from high tenacity 100% polyester webbing with reinforced eye loops at both ends.It can be made from one layer to four layers,which we usually call Simplex webbing sling,Duplex webbing sling,Triplex webbing sling and Quadraplex. And the eyes can be made into Flat eyes,Twisted eyes, and Reversed eyes. Eye-eye webbing slings are versatile as they can be used in choker, vertical, or basket hitches. Polyester fabric has low elongation, so it’s better able to hold the load without the risk of shocking.OEM service is also available..

Eye&Eye web sling

Strap Material: 100% A-A grade high tenacity Polyester
Safety Factor: 7:1
Standard: EN 121492-1
Layers: One layer to four layers
Package:Single packed in shrinking foil or plastic with Certificate of Conformity

Picture Model of Eye & eye  web sling COLOR WLL(kg) Width(mm) Minimum length(m) Weight per meter (kg)
EE010 VIOLET 1,000 30 1 m 0,26
EE020 GREEN 2,000 60 1 m 0,49
EE030 YELLOW 3,000 90 1 m 0,74
EE040 GREY 4,000 120 1 m 0,98
EE050 RED 5,000 150 2m 1,22
EE060 BROWN 6,000 180 2m 1,57
EE080 BLUE 8,000 240 2m 2,22
EE100 ORANGE 10,000 300 2m 2,84
EE020 ORANGE 12,000 300 2m 6,97
Model of 4 layer webbing sling COLOR WLL(kg) Width(mm) Minimum length(m) Weight per meter  (kg)
EE020Q GREEN 2,000 30 1 m 0,46
EE030Q YELLOW 3,000 50 1 m 0,67
EE040Q GREY 4,000 60 1 m 1,03
EE050Q RED 5,000 75 2m 1,09
EE060Q BROWN 6,000 90 2m 1,37
EE080Q BLUE 8,000 120 2m 1,98
EE100Q ORANGE 10,000 150 2m 2,58

eye-eye web sling

The eye-eye web sling can be used in choker, vertical, and basket hunches. If flat eyes are requested, half twist slings will be provided. Unless otherwise specified, sling eyes will be wrapped at the bearing point. Featuring flat eyes, Eye & Eye nylon and polyester lifting slings can be used in all three hitches: choker, vertical and basket. These heavy duty nylon rigging slings come in widths ranging from 1 inch to 12 inches and feature the Flat Eye and Eye design.

Eye-eye web slings feature protection at the points where the eyes are mounted. The extra protection wrapped around the sling eye provides additional service life since this is a critical wear area for polyester and nylon rigging slings. On slings wider than 3 inches, the eyes are automatically tapered to a narrower width.

Eye-eye web slings used by crane and rigging customers worldwide have the lowest profile. Sling removal is easier with low profile eyes when clearances are tight. Consider using Eastlink polyester roundslings in the eye-and-eye style if a more supple body composition is desired. By passing an exterior sleeve over the polyester round sling strands, eye-eye web slings are formed.

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