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Lifting sling

Polyester lifting sling include Flat Sling and Round sling,both of them can have eye-eye type and endless type for choice,it is up to the usage of working place.

Eye -EYE web sling

Eye -eye web sling has loops on both ends,and can be made from 1ply to 4 ply.,SF 5:1 to SF7:1.Read more

One way sling

One way sling is also called as endless sling or disposable sling.Mostly,it is used to lift steel pipes or steel tubes . 

cloverleaf sling

Such cloverleaf is also called as marine sling,or sling mariner .It is used to load or unload sacks. Read more

Round sling

Endless round sling are made of load-bearing core and protective sleeves,which can protect the core.  Read more

Eye-Eye Roundsling

Eye & eye round sling has loops or eye on both end,,which can be used when there is abrasion on the sling body.

lifting sling

Lifting slings: what are they?

A lifting sling is primarily a strap or set of straps made of steel chain, material webbing, fibre rope, or wire rope that is load-rated and certified to lift specified weights.

Lifting slings paired with shackles are required to rig most loads, and depending on their type, environment, size, and weight, there are many variations in design and material, from synthetic webbing to steel wire ropes.

Designed to lift heavy loads, rigging slings connect crane and load in a way that the crane hook cannot, so many lifts would be impossible without them. They are an essential tool for everyday rigging.

Best Lifting Slings Factory – Eastlink

Eastlink manufactures all types of lifting slings. There are a number of lifting slings available, including webbing straps, chain slings, flat web slings, round slings, disposable one-way slings and wire rope slings. All lifting slings have different advantages and disadvantages and are suitable for different tasks.

There are many different types of lifting slings, but they can all be used together with other hoisting equipment for many different lifting purposes,

Eastlink is happy to offer advice to help in choosing the best lifting sling for your lifting application. We manufacture many of our slings in our factory, so they can be tailored to your needs. Our trained engineers are also able to repair, test, inspect, and service your lifting slings.

synthetic sling

Synthetic slings are generally available in two types – flat-woven web slings and round slings. Slings made from textiles should comply with ASME standards B30.9–5.

Almost any synthetic sling can be extended in its working life with relatively simple precautions. Firstly, their synthetic material should be protected from sharp, protruding and abrasive edges with sling protectors. The synthetic sling material should also be protected from UV rays as this deteriorates it. Last but not least, synthetic slings should always be kept clean. It prevents dirt, moisture, and grease from degrading the synthetic sling.

Eastlink offers a wide selection of synthetic slings in a variety of sizes, capacities, and types. We are the leading synthetic sling manufacturer from China and stock a variety of synthetic slings that are ready to ship immediately. As well as our current inventory of synthetic slings, we also manufacture custom synthetic slings.

We can help you find the right rigging product if you don’t know exactly what you need or if you are unable to find it online. Contact our sales team to talk with a rigging product specialist if you are unsure about what you need.

polyester webbing sling

Polyester webbing sling is more UV resistant than a nylon or polypropylene webbing. The product is great for boat covers as well as other outdoor applications.

Eastlink offers a number of advantages when it comes to rigging. Polyester- or nylon-type yarns are most commonly used in synthetic web slings.

Our company manufactures special purpose polyester webbing sling according to specific customer specifications. We have maintained a position of leadership in the manufacture of special slings such as Boat lifting slings, Drum lifting slings, Pipe lifting slings, Reefer lifting slings, Stretcher lifting slings, Cargo nets, Extra wide slings, Three leg slings, and Four leg slings.

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