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Lifting sling

Polyester lifting sling include Flat Sling and Round sling,both of them can have eye-eye type and endless type for choice,it is up to the usage of working place.

Eye -EYE web sling

Eye -eye web sling has loops on both ends,and can be made from 1ply to 4 ply.,SF 5:1 to SF7:1.Read more

One way sling

One way sling is also called as endless sling or disposable sling.Mostly,it is used to lift steel pipes or steel tubes . 

cloverleaf sling

Such cloverleaf is also called as marine sling,or sling mariner .It is used to load or unload sacks. Read more

Round sling

Endless round sling are made of load-bearing core and protective sleeves,which can protect the core.  Read more

Eye-Eye Roundsling

Eye & eye round sling has loops or eye on both end,,which can be used when there is abrasion on the sling body.

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