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Webbing Cargo Net

Webbing cargo net is used for many different applications.Such as in Trucks bed, Trailers , Cars,Helicopter etc .Pickup cargo nets are usually used for trucks or jeeps,which is quick and easy to secure your light weight load in the truck bed. Heavy duty cargo net are mostly used for trailers,with cambuckles/ratchets and E-track fittings etc attached.

Webbing cargo net

Strap Material: 100% A-A grade high tenacity Polyester
Mesh size: 15cm*15cm, 20cm*20cm
Work loading: 1T-50T
Size: 3m*3m, 6m*8m,6m*6m,8*8m or customized
Charicteristic:Light weight,no hurt to cargo surface,stable and safe lifting,anti corrosion,and well resistance
Capacity:800kg to 10000kg
Package: polyester bag,and then in carton,stack on pallet

Webbing cargo net is made of 100% A-A grade high tenacity polyester webbing,and for some lifting nets,it has load bearing strap,which is of different color of the main strap,the main purpose of it is to serve as a high-visibility loading area; great for capturing the load in low-visibility,and the weave in the net provides added strength for lifting applications.
Model of cargo net WLL  (kg) MIN SIZE  (m*m) MAX  SIZE  (m*m) MESH SIZE (cm) MESH WIDTH (mm)
DW050 500 1X1 20X20 10X10 25
DW100 1000 1X1 20X20 15X15 35
DW150 1500 1X1 20X20 15X15 38
DW200 2000 1X1 20X20 20X20 50
DW250 2500 1X1 20X20 25X25 50
DW300 3000 1X1 20X20 25X25 60
DW400 4000 1X1 20X20 30X30 75
DW500 5000 1X1 20X20 30X30 100
In the corner of the webbing net,usually it comes with a loop or with some fittings or tie downs.Cargo tie-down nets usually will be attached with rings,cambuckles,hooks,ratchets etc. Eastlink can make customized cargo nets for you,please choose from following size or give us your specific size and needs,we will do our best to meet your requiremenets,and won’t let you down.
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