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Lashing & Securing products

Lashing and securing products includes Ratchet straps,Cargo nets,Winch straps,Car claspers,and Metal accesorries etc.

Ratchet strap EN12195

Ratchet straps are made to EN12195-2 standard,and are used to secure loads while shifting or storage during transportation.

Ratchet tie down WSTDA

We Eastlink produce 2”,3”,4” Ratchet tie down straps suitable for North American market,and to WSTD standard

Cargo webbing net

Material: A-A grade 100% high tenacity polyester Mesh size: 15cm*15cm, 20cm*20cm,  Read more


Car clasper is made of polyester belt with hooks at both end, and used for fixing cars on deck for car careers . Read more 

Winch strap

 2”,3”,4” winch straps with working load from 3300lbs to 16200lbs are all available Read more

Ratchet buckle

Ratchet buckles are available with width from 25mm to 100mm from 0.8T to 10T. Read more


 Double/Single J hook,S hook,Swivel hook,Rubber hook,etc are all available Read more


Cambuckles are available from 50kg to 1500kg breaking strength. Read more

lashing securing

A lashing securing is the process of securing cargo on a container with wood, chains, or other materials to keep it secure and seaworthy. In lashing securing, cargo is secured for transportation in a manner that minimizes shifting. There are many items that can be used to lashing cargo down, including ropes, cables, wires, strapping, and nets. Anchoring and tensioning these items ensure that they are not moved around while they are in the container.

The three most common types of cargo lashing securing are chain lashing, fixed winches, and web lashing. A tie-down can be either a strap, a heavy-duty strap, or a tensioned chain that secures heavy loads to a vehicle. To secure cargo in place, lashings and tie-downs use tension.

lashing system

The Lashing System facilitates the fast and effective securing of loaded containers. When the container doors are opened, the goods will be protected from damage and slipping. When receiving and unloading goods, lashing systems are an appreciated and well-recognized solution due to their ease of use, safety and prevention of personal injury.

Lashing systems for containers are pre-assembled and ready for immediate use as fast and easy restraint systems.

A lashing system can be used with:
The Lashing Systems can be used for securing overseas containers as well as some of our other products:
Anti-slip mats made of anti-slip material
The lashing straps (ratchet pressure or Ergo long handle)
To prevent a puncture on the load frame, use edge protectors (of solid cardboard with a spot load of 600 daN).

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