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Snatch strap

The snatch strap is a piece of equipment used to help in the recovery of vehicles bogged in sand or mud.It is used by attaching one end to a rated recovery point on the bogged vehicle (e.g. a recovery hook or loop on the chassis). A second vehicle is required to do the recovery.


Strap Material:  Polyester OR Nylon

Safety Factor:1:1

Loops: Reinforced


Width:55mm to 100mm

Capacity:6T to 15T

Colors:Any color as requested

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Model of snatch strap M.B.S(kg) Width  (mm) Length(m) S.F Color Elongation
TCD06-55 6000 55 3M-20M 1:1 ANY >20%
TCD07-60 7000 60 3M-20M 1:1 ANY >20%
TCD08-60 8000 60 3M-20M 1:1 ANY >20%
TCD08-75 8000 75 3M-20M 1:1 ANY >20%
TCD09-75 9000 75 3M-20M 1:1 ANY >20%
TCD11-75 11000 75 3M-20M 1:1 ANY >20%
TCD11-100 11000 100 3M-20M 1:1 ANY >20%
TCD15-100 15000 100 3M-20M 1:1 ANY >20%


● Never exceed the M.B.S of the strap or the WLL of shackles.
● Don’t stand close to or in direct line of the strap when  in use.
● Always drape a recovery damper,heavy bag, or blanket  over the strap during use to absorb energy of the event of breakage