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Lifting sling EN1492-1 & EN1492-2

We Eastlink produce lifting sling with  SWL from 500kg to 150 tons, EWL from 50cm to 100 mtrs,width from 25mm to 300mm ,and layers from 1 ply to 4ply.Our webbing slings have black lines on the surface of the webbing,and the number of black lines on the webbing indicates the safe working load of the sling

While most of our webbing slings terminate with reinforced soft eyes, we can also make slings which have steel end fittings, or which terminate with a wide range of different lifting components.

Our webbing lifting sling are made of  high tenacity 100% Polyester (PES) , Nylon,PP ,and with the safety factor from 5:1 to 8:1 We make these products according to ISO4878, EN1492-1 ASME B30.9 standard, and complied with  CE GS needs.

Cargo lashing & securing products EN12195-2

Eastlink produce cargo control products like Ratchet tie down,Winch strap,Car clasper etc with width from  1 to 4 inches,and breaking strength from 500kg to 10,000kg.

The straps are made of 100% high tenacity polyester to minimize weathering, damage and corrosion,and PU treated in the surface for better  wear resistance.It is UV-resistant,  and highly flexible and adaptable to given load.They can be fixed with different end fittings for different usages,like flat hook,wire hook,snap hook,grab hook,rubber hook,etc.

And they are widely used on trucks, trailers, ril cars, ships and other freight carriers,etc

US Cargo control products WSTD

Recovery straps

Eastlink offers you  strong, durable and premium quality recovery strap which help people in pull vehicles bogged in sand or mud or anywhere else to safety. Our recovery straps include snatch strap, winch extension strap and tree trunk protector that are mostly used in Australian market.

Metal fittings

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