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Eye-Eye webbing sling is  made from high tenacity 100% polyester webbing with reinforced eye loops at both ends.It can be made from one layer to four layers,which we usually call Simplex webbing sling,Duplex webbing sling,Triplex webbing sling and Quadraplex.And the eyes can be made into Flat eyes,Twisted eyes,and Reversed eyes.Eye-eye webbing slings are versatile as they can be used in choker, vertical, or basket hitches.Polyester fabric has low elongation, so it’s better able to hold the load without the risk of shocking.OEM service is also available..


Strap Material: 100% A-A grade high tenacity Polyester

Safety Factor: 7:1

Standard: EN 121492-1


Layers: One layer to four layers

Package:Single packed in shrinking foil or plastic with Certificate of Conformity

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Picture Model of
Eye & eye  web sling
COLOR WLL(kg) Width(mm) Minimum length(m) Weight per meter (kg)

EE010 VIOLET 1,000 30 1 m 0,26
EE020 GREEN 2,000 60 1 m 0,49
EE030 YELLOW 3,000 90 1 m 0,74
EE040 GREY 4,000 120 1 m 0,98
EE050 RED 5,000 150 2m 1,22
EE060 BROWN 6,000 180 2m 1,57
EE080 BLUE 8,000 240 2m 2,22
EE100 ORANGE 10,000 300 2m 2,84
EE020 ORANGE 12,000 300 2m 6,97

Model of 4 layer webbing sling COLOR WLL(kg) Width(mm) Minimum length(m) Weight per meter  (kg)
EE020Q GREEN 2,000 30 1 m 0,46
EE030Q YELLOW 3,000 50 1 m 0,67
EE040Q GREY 4,000 60 1 m 1,03
EE050Q RED 5,000 75 2m 1,09
EE060Q BROWN 6,000 90 2m 1,37
EE080Q BLUE 8,000 120 2m 1,98
EE100Q ORANGE 10,000 150 2m 2,58


                        We Eastlink use high tenacity 100% A-A grade polyester yarns,and the M.B.S of single yarn can reach 8CN/dtex,which is 7 times of PP.

Muller machine from Switzerland

                        We Eastlink import full line of muller looms from Switzerland to gurantee higher output and less defectives.

Professional sewer

                        Our professoinal sewers has at least 3 years working experince in such industry sewing field,which gurantee higher capacity and better outlook.Meanwhile,we have professional workers getting rid of the tread end.

Reinforced eyes

                       The eyes/loops of the sling are reinforced with a thick cover fabric,which can protection the eyes from abrasion,and usually,the length of our cover fabric is longer than the others,which can protect more areas of the eyes.

Blue PVC label

                       The blue PVC label that marks the specification of the sling are sewn inside the eyes of each end,and we can make the label according to your specific requirements,either the materil or the content.

Mill test

                       For each batch of the goods,we follw strict breaking test to related standard,and this test not only carry out after the finished products,but begins from the webbing,and the Mill test report will be send to the customer by email or by courier.

Good package

                       Except each single are individually shrink plastic packed,each carton will stacked on wood pallets and secured with plastic wrap,which will protect the slings from moisture and dust


1) Light weighted and easy to handle,low elongation
2) Colour coded per latest standard for easy identification
3) Low risk of injury to operators,and protection against damage of cargo surface
4) Highly flexible and adaptable to given shapes
5) UV-resistant, eliminating material ageing or brittlement
6) Relatively cheap, especially for smaller load bearing capacity
7) Layers and length etc can be customized according to deferent usage
8) Heat resistant up to 100℃ and cold resistant down to -40℃)


– Do not attempt to use sling above rated lifting capacity.
– When selecting a sling,it is very important to consider the angles at which the sling will be used.
– Slings are subject to cutting when ifting items with sharp egeds.In this case,always use protective sleeves
– Do not use a damaged sling,and se only if trained.
– Do not tie knots in sling webbing as strength is greatly reduced.
– Never drag a sling beneth from a load which is resting on it.
– Chemical active environments can affect the strength of slings
– Inspect slings weekly or more frequently depending on the sling use conditions.
– Always strore slings in a cool,dry and dark place to extend the working lift.
– Always read and understand the operating instructions before use.
– Failure to comply with this warning may result in serious load   damageand death or injury