Comparison  of synthetic lifting sling and wire ropes

//Comparison  of synthetic lifting sling and wire ropes

Comparison  of synthetic lifting sling and wire ropes

Comparison between synthetic lifting sling and wire ropes

Synthetic Lifting sling is well known in lifting industry due to its excellent features,and it is generally used in flammable and explosive environment,itself does not light sparks.

Since its first time successfully applied in industrial lifting in United States since 1955,synthetic lifting sling has been widely used in ships, metallurgy, machinery, mining, petroleum, chemical, port, electricity, electronics, transportation, military and other fields.Synthetic lifting sling is characterized by easy handle, portable, easy maintenance and good chemical resistance,etc,meanwhile,also due to its excellent features of  light weight, high strength, no damage to the surface of loading objects etc,It is  gradually used by professional people and the industry,and then  replace the wire rope rigging increasingly.

The disadvantages of the synthetic lifting sling is mainly compared with the wire rope rigging,mainly as follows: When the  lifted object  has a sharp surface or edges,it will be destructive to the synthetic fiber lifting sling,as it my cut the slings,and make it unable to be used.However,factories like Eastlink Rigging has think out of ways to solve this problem,that is to use protective fabric to cover the surface of the synthetic lifting sling,or make slings to be covered by glues,such as those slings for lifting glass,also it has another disadvantage,that is it is more expansive than wire ropes.

The above is our analysis of synthetic  lifting  slings compared with wire ropes,its application in the industry ,and its advantages and disadvantages.
Synthetic fiber lifting sling have been widely used for more than 50 years  in the international  developed countries,and it is popular due to its excellent characteristics as follows:

1) Light weighted and soft,its weight is 25% of the equivalent wire rops
2)Very easy to handle, carry and store.
3)Do not damage the surface of the lifted object (including painting layer)
4)No harm to the human body,and safe for the operator

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