How to identify the quality of web sling?

//How to identify the quality of web sling?

How to identify the quality of web sling?

How to identify that the web sling is good or not,usually, you can identify from the following aspects

1. Check the sewing line,if the sewing line between each other is evenly,and the distance between stiches are also evenly,then
this would be the good sling,as only the lines and stiches are evenly,the webbing sing can bear strength evenly.

2. Check if there are fluffies on the sling belt or the sewing thread.Good sling won’t has these problem.

3. Check the connetion sewing part of the Web sling,usually,connecting sewing part of good web sling would be tight,and sewing lines and thread are evenly not like a mess.

4. Check the sewing way of the eyes:The eyes of web sling is the most vulnerable part, especially the load bearing point,so the treatment here is essential, good web sling usually are sewed very tight and evenly,and most of the time sewn into a rectangular shap, and here no connecting thread is allowed,as that will affect the breaking strength of the eyes,the more the eyes are stiched,the more the strength will loose.

5. Check the shape of the web sling:Put the websling on the flat ground, and then clap the web sling with your palm into flat shap,but without stretch it hard, if the web sling finally show into straight line with no tilt,then it would be a good  websling,otherwise it is defective.

6. Check the total length of the sling:Put the webbing sling on the flat ground,and clap it into flat and straight shape,then measure the length of the total sling,if the length difference is within 2cm,then it is a good webbing sling,if it is within 5cm,then it is just qualified,and if it is more than 5cm,then it is a defective webbing sling.

7. Check the color, usually,the EN 1492-1 has specific color code requirements for each capacity of polyester sling.Such as 1T would be violet,2T should be green…and different capacity has different color.The color of good quality webbing slings would be very beautiful,shinning,and bright.On the other hand,you can use tissue to wipe the surface of the webbing sling,to see if the color would fade,usually,black and red color would has a tiny fade problem,and these two colors are not easy to fix,but the other color won’t has this  problem.

8. Last but not the least,the most important thing is to test its breaking strength,if the conditions is allowed, it is recommended to use tensile testing machine to do a test,and the specific parameters can refer to the relevant industry standards: EN1492-1.

How to identify the quality of web sling?

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