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                     THE MAIN PRODUCTS

Ratchet straps are used to secure loads while shifting or storage on flatbed trucks, transporting, in vans, lorries, Read more

We Eastlink produce 2”,3”,4” Ratchet tie down straps suitable for North American market,It is made of durable resin-coated, Read more

Material: A-A grade 100% high tenacity polyester Mesh size: 15cm*15cm, 20cm*20cm, Read more

We Eastlink produce 2”,3”,4” winch straps suitable for North American market,our winch straps are made of durable resin-coated, Read more

This car lashing strap is made of polyester belt with hooks at both end, and used for fixing cars on deck for car careers . Read more 

Eye-Eye webbing sling is made from high tenacity 100% polyester webbing with reinforced eye loops at both ends. Read more

Such cloverleaf is also called as marine sling,lifting sling bag or sling mariner .It can be used to handle several kinds of products. Read more


One way sling is also called as endless sling or disposable sling.Mostly,it is used to lift steel pipes or steel tubes . Read more

Sling webbing materials is made of 100% A-A grade polyester yarns,and can be made from 25mm width to 300mm width. Read more

Lashing webbing material is used for Ratchet buckles from 25mm width to 100mm width,from 0.8T to 10T Breaking strength. Read more

Endless round sling are made of load-bearing core and protective jacket,which provides a layer of protection over the core   Read more

Eye-eye round sling from Eastlink

Eye & eye round sling has loops or eye on both end,and it will be perfect when there is a problem of abrasion to the sling body. Read more

The snatch strap is a piece of equipment used to help in the recovery of vehicles bogged in sand or mud. It is used by Read more

Tree trunk protector is used around tree trunks to protect against ring barking when winching.Its reinforced loops Read more

The Winch extension strap is used for extending the length of winch’s cable .It is lighter and easier to store Read more

Ratchet buckles are made of high quality steel and zinc plated,available from 25mm to 100mm from 0.8T to 10T. Read more

Hooks is perfect for ratchet assembly,and it is available of Double J hook,S hook,Single J hook,Swivel hook,Rubber hook,etc Read more

Cambuckles is available from 50kg to 1500kg breaking strength,width from 13mm width to 55mm width. Read more


The reason why you choose Eastlink as your supplier of Lifting sling & Lashing products



If you want to know more of our products series,please download our catalogue  here,or feel free to send us a quote on the right side.Many thanks.



Webbing sling CE

Webbing sling GS

Round sling  GS

Round sling CE

Ratchet tie down GS